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Our Story

The Conscious Rap Project is an educational program that uses the tool of conscious music to initiate one's awareness and critical thinking. 

Conscious rap is a style of music that focuses on thought-provoking topics, using positive, uplifting messages to inspire and motivate listeners. It strives to make people think deeply about their lives and the world around them, with the intention of inspiring change.

Our Vision

Disrupt the school to prison pipeline 

Build better life trajectories that will benefit our communities

End the senseless murders and gang violence in our communities

Our Mission

To empower the youth in seeing value in themselves and in others, encouraging them to build prosperous futures.

Find out more information about the implementation of our programs here.

The C.R.P Lecture Series

To ensure that C.R.P.’s curriculum is implemented within schools and after school programs, a team of educators must be trained and motivated to incorporate it into their lessons and various educational spaces.  

This requires groups of administrators, teachers, teacher candidates, union rep leaders, community workers, parents and students to take part in monthly C.R.P. lectures.

These on-going trainings will be led and facilitated by Karanja Crews and Hip Hop artists to engage in a collaborative process with educators and the community. The goal is to develop concrete lessons that will allow students to increase their literacy skills while awakening their consciousness and finding self.


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Chapter 1

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My exposure to positive and conscious Hip Hop music provided me with the critical text that empowered me, and caused me to think beyond my current situation.


It was the critical text I had been hearing in the conscious rap music that led to an epiphany at 12 years old.  As I sat on the couch that day, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself.


I decided then and there, that I wanted to do something different with my life than what I was seeing around me.

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